The Language of Practice Research

Practice, as a research medium, acts as a bridge between the profession and the academy. In parallel sessions, this event explores how academics and industry can engage in creative practice research in design and architecture fields.


Practice in Research <> Research In Practice

This event will discuss and explore the nature of creative practice research, with particular focus upon the practitioner operating in the context of academic institutions and in professional settings. National and international speakers from university and practice backgrounds will convene to present their work and to explain the frameworks that allow for critical reflection of one’s practice.


Interdisciplinary impact of creative practice research

How does creative practice design methodology add value to cross disciplinary projects? How can preparation through a creative practice PhD bring the impact of creative practice research to industry?

26 September 2016, 10.00am-7.00pm


RMIT A+D Practice Research Symposium

RMIT School of Architecture and Design's Practice Research Symposium (PRS) is a critical component of the Design Practice Research process, a long-weekend of discourse, interrogation and critque. Held twice yearly in Australia, as well as in Europe and Asia, the PRS features Higher Degree by Research examinations and public forum candidate presentations, as well as keynote lectures, discussion panels, training opportunities and social functions. Candidates and practitioners from across the fields of architecture, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, media and communications, and fashion and textiles participate in the PRS. During the course of the DAP_r project, candidates from partner institutions are also invited to participate in the supervisory ecology of the PRS.

Next PRS: 18-22 October. Wednesday-Friday: examinations. Saturday-Sunday: in-progress presentations. More information here.