Project Evaluation


Project Evaluation was undertaken by Professor Gini Lee, University of Melbourne School of Design, using an iterative peer review methodology. The Project Evaluator was cast as a ‘critical friend or peer’ who participated in a majority of DAP_r events and provided a ‘live’ evaluation through consistent reflective review of the project. The evaluation process was intended to be formative in the development of the Project. This was consistent with the culture of public peer critique integral to studio-based practice and inquiry. The Evaluator received feedback from partners, partner and RMIT candidates, and RMIT supervisors. The following questions framed the evaluation process:

  1. Is this project engaging with the key stakeholders central to the project aims?
  2. Is an ethical and equitable frame work for engagement and participation being realised in the project?
  3. Are there adequate means for participants (students, institutions and industry) to voice their individual concerns, contributions and variance, thereby ensuring a robust culture of peer review and development is being realised?
  4. What are the parameters for best practice within this research and its outcomes? How are they measured, and how are they disseminated?
  5. Is there a sustainable and transferable model of doctoral education being established that can be applied to other institutions or disciplinary domains outside of architecture and design?

Download the Evaluation Report here.