DAP_r Research:
Impact and Interfaces
of Creative Practice Research


The DAP_r project funded research investigating the value and contribution doctoral training in creative practice research makes to professional practice and pedagogy.

The final planned outputs were parallel research undertakings: a survey of the value and contribution of the PhD program in industry and professional practice; and an exploration of the interface between PhD research and improved pedagogical practices in studio teaching.

Outcomes are presented in a booklet summarising and analysing results. The booklet addresses design research from different perspectives, giving an overview of the constellation of ideas that surround the topic and explicating its layers, dimensions, possibilities and implications in the academic and professional realms. Following an introduction to creative practice research, the booklet dives into the impact of the practice-based PhD model in professional practice, and its contribution to pedagogical approaches to studio teaching. The topics are closely connected, with the assumption of interaction and mutual nourishment between practice, research and teaching. The booklet presents a record of the data collected through interviews and workshops.

The core research methodology was one-on-one interviews and workshops with current and completed practice research candidates, as well as analysis of PhD outcomes of said practitioners/researchers. The booklet presents a record of the data collected through interviews and workshops. The research was undertaken by postdoctoral researcher Dr Cecilia De Marinis, who was previously engaged as a research fellow within the ADAPT-r Project at RMIT Europe. The DAP_r research built on surveys of PhD candidates (current and completed) undertaken as part of ADAPT-r.

As well as being iteratively reported back to partners throughout 2017, research in-progress was presented at the Impact By Designing Conference in Bruxelles in April 2017, at the Practice in Research <> Research in Practice event at Bond University in July, and CA2RE Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research at the University of Ljubljana in September 2017.

Download the research booklet here.