Practice in a Box:
a travelling exhibition


Practice in a Box is a travelling exhibition which aims to disseminate approaches to creative practice research.

The exhibition at Bond University Abedian School of Architecture. Image credit Paul Dielemans

A collection of archival A4 boxes displaying the work and practice of emerging and established architecture and design practitioners, the exhibition addresses a core question: what knowledge and insights do creative practitioners produce? To reply to and articulate this core question, the project invites early stage and established practitioners to create within a box an artefact - a model, sound, object, video, installation - which embodies or expresses the knowledge their research produces. Accompanied by a textual explication, each artefact is the result of a research-making process, while the box itself represents the practice-based PhD model as a container or framework within which practitioners can build their research.

The Exhibition first emerged out of the Architecture, Design and Art Practice Training Research (ADAPT-r project), a partnership of seven European universities including RMIT Europe. The idea arose collectively from the urge to communicate and share the knowledge produced through the practice-based PhD model. After exhibition at key professional and cultural institutions in Aarhus, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Glasgow and Europe, the collection travelled further afield to Australia under the aegis of the DAP_r project.

The exhibition has been expanded and enhanced with contributions from local practitioners. Already exhibited twice at RMIT's 2017 PRS as well as at the Practice in Research <> Research in Practice events in Queensland, the collection will continue to tour to other DAP_r partners in 2018.

Justin Twohill, Buro Two Architecture. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Angus Munro, Marc&Co. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Peter Kuhnell, Kuhnellco Architecture; *sacred/in-between - Ground and sky*. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Paul Butterworth, Paul Butterworth Architects. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Dan Plummer and Belinda Smith, Plummer & Smith. Image credit Phebe Schidt
Muge Belek and Frederico Teixeira, [f]FLAT; *Bioms: Biology, Computer & Space*. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Matt Eagle, ME. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Kieron Gait, Kieron Gait Architects. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Timothy Burke, University of Newcastle. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
John de Manincor, O: THE ARCHITECTURE OFFICE; *Surface and the Spaces Between, an investigation into the role of surface in the conception, realisation, occupation and consumption of built form. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Melody Chen and James Hung, Atelier Chen Hung. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Anna O’Gorman, Anna O’Gorman Architect. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Zuzana Kovar and Nicholas Skepper, Zuzana&Nicholas. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Ursa Komac, University of Canberra. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Michael Banney, m3architecture. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Kim Baber, Baber Studio. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Alyssa Choat, University of Technology Sydney, *It sees and moves itself*. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Wilhelmina Wahlin, Charles Sturt University, *Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame*. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Lin Wei, University of Technology Sydney. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Stuart Vokes and Aaron Peters, Vokes and Peters. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Siobhán Ní Éanaigh, RMIT Europe ADAPT-r Fellow, McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Alice Casey, RMIT Europe ADAPT-r Fellow, TAKA Architects, *small things*. Image credit Phebe Schmidt
Ana Krec, KU Leuven ADAPT-r Fellow, *In-between*. Image credit Phebe Schmidt


Alice Casey (ADAPT-r)
Alicia Velazquez (ADAPT-r)
Alyssa Choat (DAP_r)
Ana Krec (ADAPT-r)
Angus Munro / Marc&Co. (DAP_r)
Anna Pla Catala (ADAPT-r)
Anna O’Gorman (DAP_r)
Atelier Chien-Hung (DAP_r)
Cecilia De Marinis (ADAPT-r)
Cian Deegan (ADAPT-r)
Dorotea Ottaviani (ADAPT-r)
Eric Guibert (ADAPT-r)
Fred Fialho / [f]FLAT (DAP_r)
Gitte Guul (ADAPT-r)
Hseng Tai Lintner (ADAPT-r)
Irene Prieler (ADAPT-r)
Jasper Brown Architects (DAP_r)
John de Manincor (DAP_r)
Justin Twohill / Buro Two (DAP_r)
Karin Helms (ADAPT-r)
Kim Baber / Baber Studio (DAP_r)v Koen Broucke (ADAPT-r)
Lin Wei (DAP_r)
m3architecture / Michael Banney (DAP_r)
Maria Veltcheva (ADAPT-r)
Marti Franch Batllori (ADAPT-r)
Matt Eagle / ME Architects (DAP_r)
Michael Corr (ADAPT-r)
Michael Wildmann (ADAPT-r)
Paul Butterworth (DAP_r)
Peter Kuhnell (DAP_r)
Petra Marguc (ADAPT-r)
Plummer & Smith (DAP_r)
Sam Kebbell (ADAPT-r)
Sebastien Penfornis (ADAPT-r)
Siobhán Ní Éanaigh (ADAPT-r)
Siv Helene Stangeland (ADAPT-r)
Steve Larkin (ADAPT-r)
Tim Burke (DAP_r)
Ursa Komac (DAP_r)
Valentina Signore (ADAPT-r)
Vokes & Peters (DAP_r)
Wilhelmina Wahlin (DAP_r)
Zuzana Kovar & Nicholas Skepper (DAP_r)


Cecilia De Marinis, Chris Knapp, Eleanor Boydell, Maria Veltcheva