Practice Research Portal
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The Practice Research Portal is a research and educational resource set up to support Practice Research across RMIT and other universities, nationally and internationally. The site has been developed by the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University, and builds on the PhD program developed in the School over three decades. The Portal offers an ever growing video archive, a research strategies course, key publications, and PRS event information. A series of significant research projects and an extensive network of partners have informed and supported the development of Practice Research as documented and described by the Portal.

The Portal can be accessed at practice-research.com.

While the Portal was already underway, funding through DAP_r supported its operation and growth in 2016 and 2017. This web resource is an important locus for DAP_r and the development of creative practice research capacity, providing resources, training opportunities and a community forum. The Practice Research Portal acts as an extension of the strong and growing face-to-face community facilitated by the PRS, and supports advocacy of the practice research model to academy and industry.

The Portal continues to grow both in materials and users, and will continue to mature as a resource in years to come.